Nutrition consulting is useful for everyone- if your goal is to reduce your body fat, or gain lean muscle, or feel better with more energy. Food intolerances can show themselves in many different ways such as gas, acne or other skin conditions such as eczema, joint pain, headaches or thrush and bad breath. The goal with nutrition coaching is to help you learn what you need to do for your body. With personal nutrition coaching, we are then able to figure out the fine details together so you can realise what really feeling good feels like!

Initial 30-minute talk & 45-minute delivery consultation and a follow-up consultation after the first week of delivery.


Nutrition meal plan based on your weekly schedule

Health guide to achieving your goal

Exercise recommendations

Full fitness plan 4 weeks 50CHF

Further follow up consultations and adjustments 45min 100CHF

Initial 30 minute talk to go over your goals, lifestyle challenges and the small details specific to your needs. Followed by a 45-minute consultation where I will deliver your personalized meal plan, recipes and health strategy and a follow up after one week of delivery to see how your program is going and if there are any adjustments needed.